Weekly Recap | Apr 20-26, 2014

News & Updates at Oh the Books!

News & Updates at Oh, the Books!

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

My week has revolved, once again, around uni. I’m sure I mentioned last week that I have five assessments due in the week and a half? Well, I just finished the third so things are looking good! The final two assessments I have to work on are reflection-based assessments, so I’m actually feeling pretty good about it all. I don’t know how people wait until the last second to do assessments! How can you handle the stress? Being organized and dividing your time up appropriately is the only way to go… or at least for me!

Oh, and I also met my dissertation supervisor this past week. I can’t explain how happy I was when I left that meeting. I didn’t have to do a dissertation for my undergrad so I’ve sort of been nervous about this whole thing. (And part of me couldn’t help but worry that maybe my supervisor would be this evil strict person who would look down on me… don’t ask why! The mind can be evil like that sometimes.) But everything went well. She gave me amazing feedback on my work so far, was understanding about my mind being focused on my current assessments, helped me figure out what the next best steps are, and was just the friendliest lady ever…. Did I mention what my dissertation is about yet? YA Blogs and Blog Tours! Woohoo!

When I was in fifth grade, my best friend and I entered the science fair (and got second place, thank you!) with a project where we tested the saturation point of various substances in a cup of water. We’d measure out eight ounces of water into a clear, plastic cup, then sprinkle in a teaspoon of the substance (salt, sugar, etc.) at a time, marking down our observations. We watched how at first, it seemed like nothing happened, but gradually the surface of the water would begin to swell and form a dome over the top of the cup.

Eventually, the water revolted, unable to assimilate any more granules of the substance into itself. That tenuous dome would give way, spilling over the lip of the container and onto the tacky surface of her mother’s plaid table cloth (those things never seem to feel completely clean, you know? Is it just me?).

Right now, my life is that cup of water. I’ve been eagerly inviting generous teaspoons of ALL the substances in, wishing and wanting to assimilate every one. As you might have guessed, the Borg are much better at assimilation than I am. I’ve reached that spilling-over point, and I’m desperately trying to hold that cup aloft, stirring with all my might in the hope that a few more granules will dissolve and keep me intact. It’s not working out so well.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write a whole blog post in my weekly update. I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t been around much (and haven’t been responded to all of your comments — yet!), and I thought I’d at least try to make it more interesting to read!

In other news, I HAVE had a couple of successes this week.

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