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Is it sad that every time I go to fill in this part of the Weekly Recap I have to look at Twitter and Instagram to see what I did over the week? It’s crazy how things always just seem like one big blur these days…

 London Book Fair LGBT Book Haul

Let’s see, I completed my work placement at Random House Chlidren’s Publishers which was absolutely lovely! I truly enjoy working with the people in their marketing department and would love nothing more than to return someday in the future. (Plus, my supervisor challenged me and another work experience person to get followers in return for doughnuts. I ATE DOUGHNUTS! It was super exciting.

I also attended the London Book Fair for the future time, which was quite interesting. I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed. Everyone seems to be there to do business, so aside from sneaking into some seminars and stealing some cloth bags, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. I just sort of walked around with my mouth hanging open and my eyes all wide going LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKISH PEOPLE!

Anything else? Oh, I got some new books (mainly for LGBT April, but Cress snuck its way in there somehow). And I can’t forget that the Bookish Games started! It’s been much more intense than the previous games, but still so much fun. I’m so curious how it will all turn out!

I’m going on a hiatus! I know, you’re probably like “but Leannnne you just got back from hiatus! Why are you leaving us again?!” Well loves, I’m just too busy at the moment to give y’all the attention you deserve. This school semester is wrapping up so I have lots of projects due and some work to catch up on outside of them. Seriously, just one of my studio classes has assigned three different projects as the final and they’re due at the end of the month – and I haven’t even heard about what I’m doing for the other two studio classes. There’s also that chunky online physical science class to contend with, which I can never seem to get ahead in. AND I have a wedding at the beginning of May, where I’m making the cake, transporting it to another state, helping photograph the wedding & afterparty, being *in* the wedding, and going to the bachelorette party etc etc. (There’s so much stuff, omg.) As you can probably see, I don’t even have time for LIFE right now. In a few weeks, though, things should be considerably calmer.

Asti & Kelley have some special guest posters stopping by over the next few weeks, to help keep our content fresh and rotating. I’m really looking forward to reading them myself (because I’ll be lurking even if I don’t have time to post and comment) since they’re some of my favorite bloggers. I hope you enjoy getting to know them if you don’t already, or reading their thoughts if you’ve already been introduced. I’ll be back mid-May if all goes well!

Chibi O'Brien sketch, first attempt. #DS9 (I giggle every time I look at it, so I must be doing *something* right.) (playing with pearlescent watercolors, thanks to Leanne's inspiration!) (playing with pearlescent watercolors, thanks to Leanne's inspiration!)
My life is ridiculous. I’ve begun to feel utterly swamped in every area of my life, and even though I think I’m doing good by managing things with lists (you have no idea how much this has helped), and taking time out to do relaxing, creative things (this has been amazingly rewarding), I still just find I’m having trouble holding onto everything.

A short list of things that happened this week:

  • I bungled like a million things (thank goodness I have understanding co-bloggers and co-workers)
  • I realized that the Narcolepsy Network conference is on the same weekend as the Texas Teen Book Festival this year, and now I have no idea what to do because I really want to attend both.
  • I got a mystery postcard and found out it was Asti’s doing.
  • My husband and I got our flooring redone, which means we had to completely dismantle our entire downstairs (and therefore upstairs) and then try to put it back together.
  • My iPod decided to start freezing in the MIDDLE of the goddamn Way of Kings audiobook.

My brain is just overfull. My LIFE is just overfull. I have way too many things I want/need/have to do and it’s proving quite difficult to manage. The sad part is that the easiest things to drop are also the things that are keeping me sane (like art, reading, and blogging). x_x


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