Weekly Recap | Aug 17-23, 2014

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

  • Kelley shared her tips for managing multiple contact forms.
  • Asti highlighted Kirsty Mitchell’s book photography.
  • Leanne unveiled some of her fan art for Across the Universe.
  • Kelley reviewed The Mapmaker’s War by Ronlyn Domingue.
  • Asti shared her thoughts on her boyfriend’s reading journey.
  • Ren stopped by to discuss misleading covers on classics.
  • The Bookish Games: Death Note Edition has ended! Who won?!

And elsewhere: Asti and Kelley shared their thoughts on anti-heroes as part of Megan’s Blogger Panel!

Our Lives This Week

This week has overall been pretty amazing, except for some minor stress caused by my dissertation. (I love it, I do, and I’m making progress. But I am really my own worst enemy when it comes to these things and continually feel the need to redo things that I finished months ago and overthink other bits and it’s just TOO MUCH! Hence why I don’t think I could ever write a book.)


I met two authors this past week: Victoria Schwab and Leigh Bardugo. The meet-up with Victoria was organized by a fellow blogger, and it was a very informal gathering of about twelve of us at a pub. Victoria was so fun to listen to, and it was just nice to sort of be able to hear her talk as a… person? Instead of an author. (Both Amie Kaufman Trevayne also unexpectedly popped by, which was a lot of fun.) Leigh Bardugo I got to meet as part of a private blogger event, and that was also amazing. She is full of so many fun stories, and she’s made me quite excited for The Dregs to come out. (Oh, she also mentioned that Nikolai was originally supposed to die in the second book. That made me smile. Muhahaha!)

Apart from the two author events, and one wonderful outing with Stacey from Pretty Books (who is one of my favorite London people ever), I’ve pretty much spent my days enjoying Dave’s empty house. That’s right, Dave’s family left for a holiday to Turkey. Apart from the evil spider who ran around the living room, it’s been amazing having the place so calm and quiet. Dave comes home every night to cook us dinner, we have fun watching the badgers in the back garden, and it’s been nice being able to just do our own thing without anyone judging us. I’m going to be sad when it ends…

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]If we’re friends on Goodreads, you my have noticed that I recently read If I Stay and rated it 1 star. After that, I basically confirmed that I was NOT interested in seeing the movie. BUT THEN my co-worker invited me to see the premiere with her on Tuesday evening, and well, I love movie popcorn and hey, free movie, so I joined her. It was pretty much as I expected. Right away I was irritated with the same things that irritated me in the book, but at least the (acoustic) music was good.

I don’t even know how the rest of my week has been. Interesting and different, but not really? WHY AM I SO BORING?!

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