Weekly Recap | Aug 24-30, 2014

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We have a Pinterest Account!

You already know we have a Facebook and Twitter for the blog, right? Well, Asti has decided to finally join the big bad world of Pinterest… with a blog account. For some reason, Asti can’t quite convince herself to have a personal Pinterest account but feels having a blog Pinterest account is okay. (Huh?) So, if you’re on Pinterest, why not stop by and follow us? And let us know if you have a Pinterest account in the comments so we can follow you!

In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

  • Kelley got excited about books & things coming in September.
  • Asti reviewed Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.
  • Kelley shared her mini reviews for books she read in July.
  • Asti’s Bookish Parade is back with The Knife of Never Letting Go.
  • Amanda stopped by to talk about her designing journey.
  • Our latest Bookish Guide arrived: books about/including maps!

Our Lives This Week

Well, when this post goes live I will be on the way to London Heathrow Airport to pick up my parents! I’m super excited as a) this is their first time leaving the country, having a “real” holiday, and all that jazz and b) they’ll get to actually see some of the things I’ve been talking about over the last year on Skype.

They’ll be staying over for a week, so needless to say I will not be around. I do have posts scheduled (I’m such a good girl) but I won’t be responding to comments (which is bad, because I still have plenty to respond to from these past two weeks), I won’t be updating any social media accounts (mine, the blog’s, or the Sci-Fi month one), and I won’t be participating in next week’s Recap (which means it’ll likely be much smaller than usual).

I’m actually thinking this might be a good thing. If I’m honest, I’ve sort of deflated this past week. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I woke up this week just feeling like I should stop blogging. Crazy, right? Hopefully my parents’ visit will give me the break I need and after they leave I’ll be in a better place. (Though I do have a dissertation deadline approaching so we shall see!)

Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week! Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone.

Yes, I’m actually participating in the recap this week! Well, a little bit. 😉

College has started up again, and I’m also taking a couple of classes on Skillshare that have to do with hand-lettering. My supplies finally came in the mail for them so I’ve been practicing that, when I have a little time (aside from life and school and reading-for-fun and everything else).

I also have *tons* of ideas for book-inspired artsy things I want to do and I really have no idea where I’ll find time for them all. I suppose it’s better to be inspired and pressed for time than be at liesure and completely uninspired.


So this was pretty cool for me, book-wise. I went to John Scalzi’s opening event for the Lock In tour on Tuesday evening, and it was a blast! He’s adorable and hilarious and quite entertaining. Saturday my sister and I went to see The Giver and I really liked it! I can’t believe it’s been out for two weeks and I’ve seen hardly ANY talk about it online. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by how it was done. It’s been a few years since I reread the book, but I thought they did a great job of interpreting it into film.

Aside from that, I’m trying to get my creative self together, and planning a bunch of projects — one of which includes some bookish t-shirts. Be on the lookout for those. 😀

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