Weekly Recap | Aug 3-9, 2014

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff we posted on the blog this week:

  • Kelley reflected on her map-themed month of reading in July.
  • Asti shared 10 books she’d give to readers who have never read…
  • Kelley reviewed Chasing Before by Lenore Appelhans.
  • Michael stopped by to help Leanne explore a sci-fi sub-genre: steampunk.
  • Giselle stopped by with a letter to Hazel Grace.
  • Day 6 of the Bookish Games: Death Note Edition began.

Our Lives This Week

At the end of last week I was contacted by the Orion publicity department to see if I could cover a work placement opening since the scheduled candidate wasn’t responding to emails. It was quite the internal battle, but I ended up agreeing to it just because I feel like I really should do what I can to keep my name out there so when I start job-hunting in October I have a slightly better chance of getting something. So yeah, I spent a majority of my week traveling three hours a day to and from my work placement where I would make showcards, research blogs, and do mailings. Fun stuff!

Oh yea, that also happened. I was wandering around after work and messaged Dave that he should marry me, and he said he will/do. It was a sweet moment, but I couldn’t believe people thought it was real when I posted it online! I feel like engagement proposals over text are the same as breaking up over texts. If you can do it in person, you should do it in person. It loses it’s intimacy and its overall impact through a mediated system. So no, I hope Dave never proposes to me via text! I much rather have it done in person. (Oh, and for him to do it. Not for me to instigate it, haha.)

Midway through the past week I got a call from my doctor’s office letting me know that I’d basically been kicked out of the clinical trial because the people who are orchestrating the whole thing can’t make up their minds… However annoying, this was actually a bit of a relief to me, because it means I was able to start back on my narcolepsy meds and I won’t have to go through three more sleep studies that I was secretly dreading!

The rest of my week passed in a sort of blur. I feel like I’ve been busy almost every evening lately, with book events and other activities. I’m looking forward to going back to my normal self, which means I can be more awake and have more time to reading and fun things! (And hopefully next week I’ll be more interesting here!)

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