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I Spy Sci-Fi results!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Asti shared her latest game and giveaway: I Spy Sci-Fi? It pretty much required readers to guess which book Asti was “spying” through the use of Instagram collages and clues. Of course, those clues weren’t very helpful as there were multiple books in each collage that fit the clue provided – hence the guessing part of the game.

Well, the results are finally in and you all pretty much failed. The highest score received in the game was 7/10, and that score belonged to Shannelle, Yun-a, and Dana. Asti let Rafflecopter randomly select winners until it landed on one of those three participants, and as a result the winner of this contest was Yun-a (who asked for a copy of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Great choice!).

For those who want to know what the correct answers were, you can now go back to the I Spy Sci-Fi post and see the answers that are now provided under each clue, along with any comments Asti wanted to make. Thanks, and sorry for Asti’s trickiness once again 😉

Site Down Time

You may have noticed some down time on our site in the past couple of days, and so did we! It looks like our host was doing some server maintenance that affected our site’s uptime, which really sucks, but it should all be resolved by now. Apologies for any inconveniences.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

My Week According to Instagram!

This week past week started off well with Dave’s work Christmas party. Dave is horrible at dancing, but I just can’t sit still when music is thudding around in a room so I pretty much stayed on the dance floor the whole night, by myself. (Dave did join me a couple of times but kept saying he wasn’t drunk enough to dance and was too worried about what others would think of his dancing, poor boy.) It was much better than the previous year, where I was too embarrassed to dance by myself and we ended up sort of arguing over his inability to get on the dance floor. >.<

But then this week sort of fell apart because of SICKNESS. I pretty much had no voice Wednesday and Thursday (and the voice I did have was so sexy, let me tell you), and now I have this lovely dry cough that keeps me up at night. Boo! What makes it even worse is that Dave is now sick (though he has different symptoms than I do) so not only do I have to deal with my sick dramatics and whininess, but I also have to deal with his. The horror! If anyone sees any health fairies flying around, please send them our way! 😉

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