Weekly Recap | Feb 24 – Mar 8, 2014

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Since last week was our Grand Opening, we didn’t do our normal weekly recap, complete with the massive list of links that is our usual style. That means this week’s recap is going to extra full, because it’s got two whole weeks’ worth of linkage! We hope you enjoy!

In Case You Missed It

Last week was our Grand Opening, where we each shared our personal reasons for deciding to move away from our individual blogs and into this new group blog, along with some fun features in our individual styles. We hope you all enjoyed this special week, and don’t forget to enter all the giveaways!

Grand Opening Week:

  • Grand Opening Announcement (+ giveaway)
  • Kelley’s Personal Story (+ giveaway)
  • Leanne’s Personal Story (+ giveaway)
  • Asti’s Personal Story (+ giveaway)
  • Kelley’s Bookish Bloggery Quiz*
  • Leanne’s Photo Field Trip
  • Asti’s Bookish Wars: YA Heroines
  • Asti also shared what’s been going on in her life, in a farewell post over at A Bookish Heart.
  • Asti was also featured in Judith’s Picture This series!
*This now contains a leaderboard so go record your score!** **Yes, this means you will have to take the quiz again. 🙁

Behind the Scenes:

  • Remember that cute little Special Features widget in our sidebar? Now the Oh, the Books Bookish Guides button links to an explanation, plus our planned posts for it!

Our Lives This Week

What’s happened these past two weeks aside from AHHHH OH, THE BOOKS HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED?! Well… I took a lot of pictures of my feet.

Shoegazing 1 Shoegazing 2 Shoegazing 4Shoegazing 3

I know, it’s hard to keep up with the excitement that is my life. I try, I really do. It’s just so rough.

A part from my exciting foot photo action, I spent the last two weeks finishing up my time with the Bloomsbury Children’s Marketing team (which was a lot of fun) and getting back in the swing of university work (which was not as much fun). Oh, the joys of a publishing girl’s life!

So, what have I been up to this week? And this ENTIRE YEAR?! Well, this past Tuesday was Mardi Gras so I’ve spent a fair amount of time leading up to it finding alternate traffic routes, avoiding drunks, giving tourists directions they immediately ignore, and staying indoors whenever possible. And painting. Classes have been on break for a week, so what do I do with my free time? Not catch up on homework, that’s for sure, haha. A lot of my painting-at-home has revolved around customizing my art journal cover, and listening to this fabulous Kaki King album called Glow on repeat. FOR DAYS. (Thanks to Kelley for introducing me to that gorgeous music, by the way!) You can check out my current favorite from the album in the Videos of the Week section below. I still get chills and major feels every time I hear it. Maybe I’ll share some pictures when I’m done moving in to that journal. It’s technically a book, after all. 😉

Is it okay if I go back to the whole “my week in tweets and pictures” thing? Honestly, my life has been such a blur lately that I’m having trouble remembering what day it is! So, uh… Let’s see. I got some new paintings by Elizabeth Simins (!!!) and I got some new ampersands to cover my wall with!

Atlantis 4 & Hand by Elizabeth Simins

The Ampersand Wall - Phase I

I don’t even… uh… what else? I got to see Jessica Brody on Thursday, and she was as hilarious and entertaining as always. I’m so boring, sorry guys. Just move on to the links — I know that’s what you’re here for anyway!

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