Weekly Recap | Jul 6-12, 2014

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Our Lives This Week

I’ve actually have had a somewhat eventful week. Yeah, there’s the usual dissertation work (thanks to everyone who has taken my survey so far!) and the working out (I have finished my first month of doing it regularly and lost seven pounds, woohoo), but now this week there was even more stuff!


  • I received a lovely package in the mail from Emily @ Reverie Rhapsody for my birthday. (No, don’t flip out, my birthday was at the end of May. It’s not happening again already.)
  • I ventured out twice this week into London to hang out with two good friends. I ended up seeing Transformers with one and it was soooo cheesy. Entertaining and more or less what I was expected, but really, between those product placements and corny lines I just found myself laughing and shaking my head AT the movie. (I guess that could be considered a good thing.)
  • Oh, and I also created and then destroyed my own tag (#nameviatitles) for Instagram, like the crazy person I am.


  • Dave was also sick all week, so I got less sleep than normal thanks to waking up to the lovely sounds of him vomiting in the bathroom.
  • I added more sweets to my treasure chest on my bookshelf (thanks Chantelle for the chocolates!).
  • And my business cards came in the mail, designed by my amazing co-blogger Kelley, just in time for YALC. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to pass them out though because YALC was an overwhelming chaotic mess and I left about a hour after I arrived. But still, pretty business cards!

So really, it’s been a busy week with the socializing, blogging, working out, dissertation studying, dealing with the sick boyfriend, taking pics for Instagram, and all that other jazz, but it made a nice change to my usual dullness. 🙂

I have to admit that this week has been very long and somewhat surreal (I’m going to assume that is because of my sleep status right now). But aside from that, it has felt pretty productive and satisfying too. I’ve been enjoying participating in the #30daysofbookstagrams meme on instagram…

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