Weekly Recap | Jun 21-27, 2015

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

  • Kelley posted mini reviews for things she read in May.
  • Asti shared read and red books on her bookshelf.
  • Kelley got excited about many things coming in July.
  • Asti reviewed Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff.
  • Day Two of The Bookish Games: The Lunar Chronicles Edition began.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

I feel like I should have things to put here this week, but nothing is coming to mind. It’s almost as if I know I did stuff but this week has been such a blur that I don’t remember any of it. Does anyone else have that problem?

I guess mainly I worked, because that’s what I do, and that’s been going well enough. I get along with pretty much everyone I work with, and while retail isn’t the most exciting job in the world, it’s one that’s working for me right now. I think I could happily spend the next four years working where I do until I can move back to London with Dave – that is, if our store isn’t one of the 100+ that are closing. (We haven’t found out yet… wish us luck!)

Bruised LegOh, speaking of work, I did get a massive bruise on my leg last Sunday, which I’m sure some of you saw on my Twitter. (If not, here’s the picture again for your cringing pleasure.) Someone asked me to help carry out metal boxes to their car when we left work Sunday, and being the helpful person I am I did, but I couldn’t figure out a way to hold the boxes that was comfortable. I ended up gripping one in each hand while walking, and between them being heavy and not having a great grip they kept smashing into my legs as I walked. And, well, the result was this beautiful collection of bruises. That teaches me for trying to be friendly and help others!

I also finally took my books out for a little field trip to a nearby park to take pictures for my Instagram account. I’m glad I finally have a little stockpile of photos to post on my account again, but am disappointed in quite a few of my shots. This park just wasn’t as inspiring as the other locations I’ve taken photos at, so many of my shots were… meh. What makes it even more frustrating is that I didn’t think to wear bug spray before I went and the mosquitos were out in full force, so not only do I have 800 bruises on my leg, I also have 800 bug bites.

So yeah, I definitely had a fun pain-filled week. No wonder my brain didn’t want to remember any of it when writing this recap! 😉

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