Weekly Recap | Jun 7-13, 2015

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

  • Kelley reviewed All the Rage by Courtney Summers.
  • Asti shared some bookish snaps and she was rocking it.
  • Kelley reported the results of her bookish dare with Megan!

Kind of a slow week for us, but hey… we know you understand!

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…


We all have those weeks, right? You have days off to get things done and have plans on being productive, but instead you waste hours online looking at random websites, watching YouTube videos, and just generally being acting like a mindless zombie.

I never got around to writing my post for Thursday (it’s still sitting in my drafts, whoops). I never wrote and sent out the postcards I was supposed to send out to the lovely ladies who mailed me recently (will do next week, promise). And I never added my links to this weekly recap (though I did attempt to do so Friday night… until Kelley interfered :P).

But hey, as much as those things were a fail I did have a fairly good week. I hung out with my sister-in-law on two separate occasions and had an absolutely amazing time with her. (I’m actually going out to drink and dance with her at a bar tonight after I write this post, so looking forward to that!) I spent one of my days off cooking up a couple of meals for my diet and was fairly surprised at the amount of joy I’m starting to get from cooking these days. (Who even am I?!) And I started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black! (I love that show!)

Yay for good times!

And, you know, I still plan on contributing to this week’s recap… it’s just not going to happen until after this post goes live. So if you’re reading this on Sunday morning and the links look super light, it’s because I haven’t gotten around to adding my bit yet. But don’t worry – I plan on adding mine before Sunday ends…

Don’t worry!

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