Weekly Recap | June 1 – 7, 2014

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Things seem pretty quiet for us this week — we’re all in the middle of busyness — but there ARE several things happening behind the scenes! More bookish games planning, more projects, and more blogging events. We’re looking forward to revealing some of them soon!

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

Well hi! I feel like it’s weird contributing to this weekly recap while I’m back home because even though I can see all the posts that have been going up through my Feedly and update things accordingly, I feel incredibly out of the loop about everything that has been going on.

But in a way, I sort of feel like it’s a good thing. I can see through multiple blog posts that there has been drama yet again – whether it’s blogger jealousy or stupid articles that try to bring people down for reading YA – and I’m just sort of glad that I’m not around to read it all. Even though I rarely ever get involved in drama to begin with (that’s not my style), I feel like just knowing it’s there can negatively affect my mood and desire to blog, so I’ll gladly pass.

That being said, I do miss everyone and I’m glad that I’m back in the UK so I can settle back into my routine again. This summer is going to be all about blogging, doing my dissertation, and taking care of myself mentally and physically. I’m ready for it!

Well, virtually all of my free time since Tuesday has been sucked away by Wildstar Online and I’m not sorry.

10387906_246768785515990_1402442712_nProbably for the first time ever, I voluntarily made a male character in a video game, when there were female options. Well, sort of. Look, I’m female and I like playing as female characters in video games. Sure, I’ll play as a dude when there’s no choice, but if I have a choice? Girl!

However, my first character on Wildstar is male. Or, at least, it looks male? I chose the Chua race (because omg cute chinchilla-people!), which doesn’t have any gender options. Sadly, I think all of the customization options still make them look quite male, which is annoying. So I made a “male” Chua because I wanted to be a cute chinchilla-person (and yes, it’s pink but NOT because of girly-reasons :P).

ANYWAY… I also did this cool handwriting meme, so that was fun…

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