Weekly Recap | Mar 15-21, 2015

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Kelley also contributed to The Best Book I Ever Read {YA Historial Fiction}.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

So, the craziest thing happened yesterday when my mom and I were heading to the gym. We were driving along like we normally do when suddenly THUD! – something slammed onto the roof. We both screamed (duh!) as she jerked the steering wheel towards the curb and hit the breaks. We sat for a moment, trying to collect ourselves and get the balls to get out of the car to see what the hell landed on top of us (a tree limb? a dead body?), when suddenly we could hear further movement about us. It stepped onto the hood of our car, then gracefully glided onto the street.

That’s right. It was a flying unicorn. A flying unicorn smashed onto the hood of our car on the way to the gym.

Just kidding. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life! No, this week was just another typical boring week for me. I looked for jobs, I worked out, I started work on secret things. All very non-exciting, you know? You can’t blame me for trying to be a little entertaining instead. (Especially since Kelley had such an exciting week in Belize. XP)

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