Weekly Recap | Mar 16-22, 2014

News & Updates at Oh the Books!

News & Updates at Oh, the Books!

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Our Lives This Week

Well, what to say about my week? I guess I can start by saying: “NO MORE CLASSES!” Yippee! But it’s funny because I feel like this has caused me more stress than happiness. I’m glad I don’t have to get up and go to lectures or seminars anymore, and that all my presentations are accounted for. But I’m still not done. I still have five big assessments due between April and May, and on top of that I need to be working on my dissertation. AND I also plan on completing work placements. AND I’ll be going home to visit my family. So on the one hand I’m just stressed because there’s so much to do!

The other thing that has been freaking me out lately? Knowing that classes are over means that I’m one step closer to having my Visa expire. It’s one step closer to that pivotal time period where I have to do my best to find a job or else go back home to the States. It’s one step closer to this big unknown that makes me incredibly anxious and overwhelmed. Where will I be next year? What will this do to my relationship with Dave? What will this do to my relationship back at home? What if I can’t figure things out? My mind is just racing with so many thoughts right now, and it’s incredibly stressful.

So yeah, my week hasn’t been too amazing. Oh but wait! There is one thing that has been somewhat exciting: Bookish Games: Divergent Edition sign ups have gone live! I’ve had this game planned for quite a while so I’m super excited to see how it all pans out. That’s one good thing. 🙂

So, I totally spent most of my free time (and even a little more time beyond that I shouldn’t have) finishing up the Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson. I believe I mentioned last week that I was so in love with book 1 before I was even 100 pages in, that I put the other two books on hold from the library immediately and bought all the novellas. When my days off rolled around this week, I spent most of one of them on the couch, refusing to move until I’d finished the last book! As you can see, I only posted once this week, because I was just too sucked into that world to bring my head out of it. Gosh, you guys, if you haven’t read that series YOU NEED TO. But wait until you can put aside some serious time for it. 😉

But other than channeling most of my waking free time in that series, not too much went on! My dad did drop by for his usual bi-monthly out-of-state visit and we had a grand time acting like kids and taking pictures of things. There may be a Photo Field Trip from that soon. ^_^

This week was a interesting mix of excitement and frustration. I started a new medication that is supposed to help with some of my narcolepsy symptoms, but instead it seems to be making them worse. This means I’ve been operating on a very low frequency, barely functional. I’m not even sure how I’ve made it home from work safely every day. It’s been… not fun.


But the excitement?! I’m pretty sure my co-workers are starting to resent me for getting presents in the mail every day, haha! Remember last week when I went to see Brandon Sanderson and then found out I won an audiobook of Words of Radiance? It already came in the mail — and with some cute little Tor.com buttons! I also won that super sweet swag giveaway for The Lady Thief, so I’ve got a bunch of bookmarks, stickers, and a freaking awesome sword necklace! No pictures yet, sorry. I’ve been too distracted by my…

…brand new computer! Which, yes, also arrived at my office this week. The sad thing is that I got it home, then passed out for two hours before I could even think about opening the box. So far, I love it, and now I can do things like play Wildstar Online! >_> OH! And then Saturday I went to see Divergent with my sister and her friend; our little tradition for YA book-to-movies. It was a blast, as usual.

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