Weekly Recap Mar 22-28, 2015

Weekly Recap

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

  • Kelley got excited about bookish stuff coming in April.
  • Asti showed her first Bookish Mail: fantasy book recs with Maraia!
  • Kelley ranted about the Insurgent movie.
  • Asti shared her feelings about reuniting with her books.
  • Julie Eshbaugh stopped by to talk about unlocking long-locked doors.
  • Day Two of the Bookish Games: The Grisha Edition began!

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

Okay, so no lies about unicorns or anything like that this week. I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 😉

Things have been pretty routine for me over here. I eat, I go to the gym, and I do my best to battle the constant depression that threatens to overwhelm me every other minute. And, apart from that depression thing, everything’s been going fairly well. I’ve lost 10 lbs from my three weeks of dieting so far, I managed to run twenty out of the thirty minutes I was on the treadmill yesterday, and I have this project I’m going to be working on soon that I’m pretty excited about. (Unfortunately, the project is a secret so I can’t say what it is.)

It’s also officially been one month since Dave left, which sucks in so many ways, but things seem to be going well for him. Just this past week he found out he is getting hired as a trainee in the job he was really hoping to get, and he’s actually gone out and bought a car. I’m happy for him, of course, but I told him there seems to be something completely wrong with this picture: when we first met I was the one working with a car while he was a bum, and now somehow he’s the one working with the car while I’m jobless and transportless. What the hell? (Oh and in case you’re wondering. This job, which is probably the best job he could get with his limited experience, is still way below the salary needed for us to be together. I have no idea if we’ll ever be together, or when, which does nothing for my depression.)

So yeah, it’s been a week. I’m happy for Dave and things aren’t completely failing for me here in the States, but I’m still definitely struggling. I guess that’s just life for you though, huh?

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