Weekly Recap | Mar 23-29, 2014

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

This week has been… a week? I don’t even know what to say about it aside from the fact that I’m exhausted. In good news, I’m back at Random House Children’s Publishers working as a marketing intern. Started on Tuesday and will make them suffer my existence for another two weeks. I’m loving it, but the two hour journey there and two hour journey back means I have absolutely no energy to do anything else during my days.

Bookish Games Evil MastermindOh, but I did get some exciting mail this week! The first is a super-epic tshirt sent to me by my lovely co-blogger Kelley. As my new Bookish Games sidekick, she has been amazing at coming up with ideas to make the games a little more fun – you’ll see most of it next week when the games finally start! One of her funnest ideas were these tshirts! The winners of the next Bookish Games will get tshirts that say they’re SURVIVORS! And to test it out, we ordered one for me that says EVIL MASTERMIND. It’s good to give everyone a warning.

Aside from the tshirt, I was also sent another postcard from the lovely Abria. Her postcards are always so fun to receive because she often writes them as if she were a character. I’ll open my mailbox, see my address on this postcard but then have no idea what the sender is talking about, and then slowly realize that it must be from her. It feels naughty in a way – reading a postcard that doesn’t seem to be for you (but is actually for a fictional person)! Anyways, you should check out her Tumblr where she shares her postcards (and you can request one yourself).

This week has been crazy busy! It seems like every week is really, and it’s just crazy busy in different areas so that I can’t quite get a rhythm to get ahead. I’m even down to only posting once a week certain weeks, but I’m finally catching up on comments! Phew.

Seriously, this is ALL you need to know about my entire week, right here:

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