Weekly Recap | Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2014

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Giveaway Winners

Kelley mailed out the packages for our US giveaway winners!

Our Grand Opening giveaways have finally ended and the winner have been chosen! Congratulations to all of you!

  • Kayla won a copy of The Bone Season & a bunch of swag
  • Carrie won a copy of Vicious
  • Stormy won a copy of Vicious & a bunch of swag
  • Missie won a bunch of swag
  • Helen won a copy of Wonder
  • Lillian won a copy of This Is Not a Test

In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

My week has been a roller coaster! I don’t know how else to describe it.

I’ve had a really shitty experience with the transportation system this week. Not only did it takes me 3 1/2 hours to get to work on Tuesday, and 3 hours to get home (when it usually takes just under 2 hours each way), I had to deal with some really weird people. It really started to get to me, and with the struggles I’ve been having lately with my own negative feelings, I just felt like shutting down.

Surbiton, FogBut then unexpected goodness happened this weekend and just sort of made everything better. While stuck in traffic on my way to my work placement, the lovely people at Random House tweeted asking for help finding me. During one of the train rides home this week I had more than one person offer their seat to me, which is always unexpected. An Instagram photo I took caught the eye of someone from the local paper who asked if they could feature it in an upcoming edition (and I said yes).

I also received the sweetest letter ever from Chiara which made me realize how lucky I am to be involved with the blogosphere. And generally, I’ve just realized how thankful I should be to be surrounded by so many people both inside and outside of the Internet. Numerous people have made me laugh or smile this week. Sometimes it’s just noticing the little things that makes a world of a difference.

So yes, it’s been a crazy ride this past week with my emotions and daily happenings, but it’s over. And as close as it was to being a really bad thing for me, it ended up being just what I needed.

I won’t even comment on craziness because my life has shifted into that as normal mode now. It will probably remain that way until my design degree is finished, so until then just assume every week my life has been at least slightly insane and that I’m behind on everything. 😉 And to be completely honest it will probably stay that way afterward too, because as soon as I get free time of course I take on MORE projects (one of which you will hear about in coming months).

So, what’s new with me?

I got a new art journal, because I totally messed up my other one. You’re probably wondering how that’s possible since art journals are basically a place to unleash/store/collect/work through random messy and unpredictable things. Well, it’s pretty hard, but when I (accidentally) gesso the ring binding so much the cover won’t close, and (accidentally) paint all the pages together on one edge so that they start ripping (because the paper was crappy to begin with) when I try to unstick them… it’s definitely possible. The more I worked in it the more unhappy I was with it anyway, and I didn’t want my art living in there. So I got a new home for it. The paper is much nicer, the pages are much bigger, it has a traditional glued binding with sewn-together signatures, and it has one of those elastic closures so that when I make my pages all dreamy and fat with paint and washi tapes and other things adhered in, it will still stay together. So I’ve been playing a little bit in that, and taking it for a test run, and making a (good kind of) mess.

Oh yes, and my birthday is coming up this week (the 11th), and it will probably be the first year I haven’t made myself a birthday cake in as long as I can remember.

Highlights of my week:

  • Teeth problems
  • Secret project planning
  • Wine AND tequila (but not at the same time)
  • Arts & crafts with watercolor & Sharpie
  • Cleaning out my closet and finding a bunch of Pokemon cards from like 12 years ago

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