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We’re now officially two weeks old! We hope you’ve been pleased with the content streaming forth from our regular schedule so far this week. From now on we’ll have weekly reviews, plenty of discussion posts, and other fun things.

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March-9-15 Asti Recap
Oh look at that, I made a little graphic earlier this week to showcase what’s been going on with my life. Good thing I made it early on because these last few days have been MADNESS! I have this presentation I have to do on Monday that I’ve restarted three times now and while I finally think I’m set with an idea and everything it’s just sucked my life out of me. So sorry if I’ve been a little quiet. My brain is mush.

Aside from that though, you can see I had a good week! I worked in a small group with classmates these past few months to put together a book and we just received our first copies on Monday, which was cool. It is super exciting to have my name in it, but blegh… it’s definitely confirmed that the editorial department is not for me.

What else? Oh, one of my lovely classmates bought me a pin that says “So Many Books, So Little Time”. It pretty much defines my life right now. That being said, I have been putting time aside to read Ready Player One, a book club pick, and I have been loving it!

But yes, that’s it from my end!

My life this week has mostly consisted of scrambling to make up work in all my classes. Somehow with a week off from college during Mardi Gras I managed to fall behind more than catch up! How does that happen?! Oh that’s right, I was blogging and painting. 😉 I made some Lunar Chronicles-inspired collages for one project… maybe they’ll make their way onto the internet soon. Midterms are coming up this week (how are they already here?!) so I may be suffering mini panic attacks soon. Good thing I will have books to calm me… when I can find time to read, that is. Man this co-blogging thing is paying for itself already. 😀

Nothing much exciting on my end, except I went on a day trip to the beach and collected some sea shells for possibly artsy things later, while collecting photos for a class assignment. I got to visit a very tiny independent book store in the beach town, along with a couple of locally-sourced art galleries. Fun! AND(!) by pure serendipity I managed to find a perfume with a particular scent I’ve been after for like… thirteen years, and never could find anything fitting. Is that weird? I don’t care! I’m HAPPY! (And I smell really freakin’ good!)

I also started reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns. HOLY CRAP why didn’t anyone tell me this book was so good?! Before I was even a quarter into it I had already put the next two books on hold from my library, and bought all the novellas. That world is amazing, Elisa is awesome, and I think I’m in love with Hector.

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It’s true. The most exciting things in my life right now are my wall of ampersands and my cat. No, no, I’m only kidding. But, for real, check out my awesome wall of ampersands! I NEED MORE!

Um, anyway. This week was ridiculously busy and enjoyable and exciting. Tuesday night I went to see Brandon Sanderson at one of my favorite local bookshops and the place was PACKED (I was so glad to be #20 in the signing line, since there were like 200 people there!). I talked my husband into joining me, and we ended up running into at least three people he knew from Magic, which I found hilarious and he found shocking (I don’t know why he’s surprised about that). The event was AWESOME.

When I met him in the signing line, I asked him something that’s been bugging me about the ending of The Wheel of Time, and he said it’s the one question he isn’t allowed to answer! Nooooo! View Spoiler »

And when I got home? I checked my email to discover that I’d won an audiobook version of Words of Radiance — WOOT! And they are actually going to mail me a set of 38 audio CDs. Whaaaat, I really didn’t think they still made those.

Thursday night my sister and I went to see Jan-Philipp Sendker at Blue Willow, and even though I haven’t read his books, the whole event was just magnificent. I freaking love author events, and I feel so lucky to live in a city that just thrives with them! (This event also helped me solidify a discussion post I’ve had swimming around in my head for a while, so yay!)

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