Weekly Recap | March 8-14, 2015

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It’s Just You and Me!

Kelley has abandoned me to go make friends in Belize, so it’s just you and me this week! As a result, this edition of the Weekly Recap may be a little smaller than usual (she usually contributes the Tweet of the Week, On Writing section, and the Miscellany), but hopefully it’s just as good. If it’s not… well, Kelley will be back next week. Get over it. 😉

In Case You Missed It

Here’s what you may have missed on Oh, the Books!

  • Kelley posted her mini reviews for January.
  • Kelley explained why cats and books are perfect companions.
  • Asti reviewed The Darkest Minds by Robin LaFevers.
  • Topaz wrote a beautiful guest post about reading.

Asti’s Life This Week

What the heck has happened this week? It’s all been a blur! (I swear, I say that every week now but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!)

My mom and I started a diet on Monday so that’s something. Somehow I gained thirty pounds while living in London (Freshman 15 x 2??). Between the diet and the gym membership we’ve signed up for, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get that weight back off (and some). We’ll see how it goes!

The job hunt has been depressing. It’s really hard because I have all this knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to the publishing industry, but there’s absolutely no publishing companies around my local area. (And, unfortunately, I do not have the mental or financial stability to move to a place where there are publishing companies.) All that’s here is a lot of retail, sales, and truck delivery jobs – none of which I want. Oh well, hopefully something will pop up soon.

And, well, I guess that’s about it! I did see the Theory of Everything on Friday, and I thought it was quite good. I find myself strangely attracted to Eddie Raymande, and I’m not sure why. My number one movie of 2015 is definitely Baymax though. I need him in my life.

Oh, oh, oh! One exciting thing that happened this week – I reached 1000 followers on my bookish Instagram account. I know that doesn’t really matter but it made me happy and I like knowing that people actually like my attempts at photography. So thank you to everyone is who following over there, you all deserve virtual cookies. (I can’t have any cookies right now because of my diet. Wah!)

Okay, enough rambling. I love you all and hope you have had an amazing week. 😉

– Asti

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