Weekly Recap | May 17-23, 2015

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Asti also stopped by Josephine’s blog to propose The Raven Boys start a boy band.

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In Asti’s Life…

Hiya everyone! How are you? I’m actually happy to report things are continuing to go well here. I even have some exciting news…

I’M GOING TO PARIS IN AUGUST!! Wait, what? Didn’t I say last week I’m going to London to visit Dave in August? Well, yes. But as we’ve done most of the things people like to do in London already, and we want to make the short time we have together is special, we decided we’d take the Eurostar (train) down to Paris for five days while I’m over there.

I’m pretty excited because it means I finally can add another country to my passport (I’ve only ever been to England), and I’ll get to experience a location that doesn’t only speak English (though we’re staying by the big tourist attractions so I’m sure English speakers will be around… or so I hope). I’ve actually started trying to learn some basic French this past week, and while I don’t think it’s going very well (I’m sure my pronunciation is horrendous), I’m having fun. So yes, exciting news there.

Anything else? Well, my birthday is tomorrow! Yayyyy? It’s really not too exciting because I’m turning 26 and don’t have anything special planned to celebrate the day (apart from working for five hours), but that’s a thing. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has wished me a happy birthday or who has sent me anything, I truly appreciate all the kind words and it’s always nice to feel loved.

And, lastly, I’m down 23lbs since I’ve moved back to the US! I mentioned after Dave left at the end of February that I would be going on a diet and working towards returning to my pre-London weight (how does one gain 30 lbs when they leave the country of fast food??). I haven’t yet lost all the weight I gained during my year and a half abroad, but I’ve been consistently losing a pound or two each week and I’m incredibly happy about that. My clothes are fitting again and I just feel better, and I’m looking forward to seeing Dave’s reaction when we get together in August. Yay!

So yes, good things are good and have left me in a good mood. I hope your week has been just as positive.

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