Weekly Recap | May 3-9, 2015

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It’s been another uneventful week for me. I pretty much just go to work, come home, play on my laptop or watch TV, and then sleep. Not a whole lot of reading going on in that mix, but hopefully soon. I only have a hundred pages left to read of World After and I always feel like the last hundred pages are the quickest for me (something about knowing I’m in the homestretch encourages me to read for longer periods of time) so I should be able to knock that out soon enough.

I did end up buying Sims 4 as an early birthday present to myself (birthday is on the 25th, wink wink). I was having a hard time running Sims 3 on my MacBook Air and was too impatient to wait for my dad to give me my PC laptop back to install them, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try Sims 4. And hey, it worked out! Yay! It means I have even more distractions from my reading and blogging, but WHO CARES?! I want to play God.

Oh, and Dave and I are starting to plan when we’ll visit each other next. If he can get the time off work, I should be heading back to the UK for two weeks at the end of August. I’m pretty excited because I do miss that boy quite a bit, so hopefully his work will approve his time off soon so I can book my tickets. (I wish I were like Kelley and could only have a short period of time away from my loved one, but alas, life hates me.)

That’s it! Hope everything is going well on your end

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