Weekly Recap | May 4-10, 2014

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Thanks to everyone who followed our Oh, the Books! Facebook over the past few weeks! Our Face Book for Facebook giveaway is over, and the random number generator chose Becca @ Pivot Book Reviews. Which Face Book did she choose? Heist Society by Ally Carter!

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

Is it weird if I sit here on a Saturday morning and can’t really remember my week? Sometimes life is a blur…

Most of my week was spent with The Orion Publishing Group working in the publicity department. I was there last week on Monday, and then agreed to come back this week since they still didn’t have anyone to fill in for them and I was finally done with my assessments. It was a nice break seeing the publicity side of things, but I have to admit, I still prefer marketing.

Week of May 4th, 2014, Weekly Recap

Other than that, nothing too much happened. I did receive some amazing gifts for my upcoming birthday (the 25th). I ordered myself Into the Shadows for an upcoming Bookish Guides post. Kelley had a pen custom-made to say aBookishHeart, which is amazing! And Chiara ordered me Scarlet and Unhinged. Oh, I also got a lovely letter from Jenn, our guest poster for this week, which I’ve added to my bulletin board!

So yeah, it sort of felt like an uneventful week, but it was a good one with further work experience and love from my blogging friends. Can’t complain!

Continuing my general Life Theme these days, my past week was a blend of awesome and awful. The awesome: my husband and I have been playing Child of Light (co-op!!!) and it is the most beautiful video game EVER. (What are you doing still reading this post? GO PLAY IT.) (And then come back.) I also read some fantastic books this week. The awful? I got violently ill for a couple of days. Also my cat’s health continues to be problematic, so it’s back to the vet with her on Monday. 🙁

Other highlights? Hmmm…

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