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Sci-Fi November - Hosted by Rinn Reads & Oh, the Books!We had an incredible turnout this year, with so many amazing participants and discussions happening across almost 100 blogs! Thank you to everyone who engaged in this month-long celebration of all things science fiction! If you want to see all the amazing posts our participants came up with, be sure to check out our Sci-Fi November Information and Resources page where the Master Schedule can be found. (Oh, and make sure to stop back here on Tuesday, Asti will be having one final Sci-Fi November post (a game and giveaway!)) Thanks again!

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

The most exciting thing of my week was the Linkin Park concert Dave and I went to last Sunday.  I bought tickets for it way back in July for his birthday, and we had to wait patiently all that time for the concert to finally get here – but it was worth it! Dave had never been to a large concert before, so it was all a nice experience for him. It was quite fun seeing him get excited each time they started a new song, and to have him bopping around next to me at our seats. (He also went absolutely crazy at the merch shop – bought two shirts, a hoodie, and a soccer jersey!)

And me? I went absolutely crazy. I don’t know about anyone else, but I CANNOT sit still when there’s music blasting in my head so I was dancing and jumping and singing and making an outright fool of myself. But that’s okay because that’s what people do at concerts, right? And really, though I don’t really listen to music anymore and wasn’t familiar with their new albums, I did listen to Linkin Park back in the days so it was good to reconnect with their older stuff.

Apart from that, it was a pretty mellow week. Just work, work, work, work, and work. I almost forgot that it was Thanksgiving this week (and Black Friday), but I guess that’s what happens when you live in a different country. Of course, I have to say it’s quite funny because, you know, I went onto Twitter and said I was thankful for Kelley this Thankgiving, and then she followed on her own Twitter account not saying she was thankful for me, no. But that she was thankful for kitties! And people wonder why I hate cats so much? Grumble grumble 😉

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