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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

Hiya beautiful bookish people! It’s been pretty mellow this week. I’ve been working on job-hunting in between doing lots of blogging stuff. (Isn’t it crazy how you can spend hours working on blogging stuff and yet seem to get nothing done? I’m catching up on comments and commenting back but it’s taking me forever. Fail!)

Honestly, I think my favorite thing this week has been my time with Dave. He texted me earlier in the week when he finished listening to Words of Radiance and he was just so excited. He right away started complaining about the wait between books and how he just wanted to get the next one RIGHT NOW. (Aw, a true bookworm). And then when he came home I looked over at him while he was on his laptop and he was on Goodreads writing his review! (I couldn’t help but share it on Twitter, the proud bookish girlfriend I am.) In case you’re curious, he’s moved on to reading Sanderson’s Mistborn now.

 Dave Words of Radiance Dave Words of Radiance

Apart from loving him for that bookish fun (because really, how can one not fall more in love with a boy when he’s getting oh so excited about books), we also decided that we would go on a “date” Saturday. Nothing special, just eating out at our favorite diner (which happens to be an American one, haha), and going to see a movie (Dracula Untold – which way surpassed my expectations). But still, as we’re getting closer to the end of my student visa and the possibility that I might have to leave the country, it’s really nice just having these quiet times together. I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life, and to call him my boyfriend.

This week, the insanity has continued. Monday evening I came home to discover that my front door refused to open, even after it was unlocked. The maintenance man couldn’t break my door open either, and ended up having to _break in through my window_ in order to get inside and open the door so he could fix it! At least I had some time to hang out in the cool breeze with Squeakers — and take a video of him! (I wish I could capture how truly gorgeous his green eyes are.)

10666156_352978181542311_1606175373_n 10735340_844539062246705_282787629_n

I did get lavished with some pretty amazing bookish treasures this week, though. My special edition of The Body Electric arrived, with all KINDS of beautiful swag! And I got a surprise package from an industry contact, which included TWO hardcovers of Dissonance, a paperback of Shadow & Bone, and some other fun stuff!

I ALSO got to fangirl something fierce in front of Scott Westerfeld Thursday night (OMFG), and then skipped off to Austin with my sister for the Texas Teen Book Festival (where I fangirled at Scott Westerfeld some more, as well as Garth Nix, Sarah Maas, and Cory Doctorow!). More about that later. 🙂

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