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Our Lives This Week

Well hello there! How are you? Anything exciting happen this week? What about the weather? (Wow, I am really such a dork sometimes.)

This week has been pretty good. I mean, the whole job-hunting thing is never fun (especially when searching for a job in a country that doesn’t necessarily want more immigrants) and I’ve spent a day or two just watching videos nonstop and being completely unproductive (which is a total fail since I have so much blogging stuff to do – especially with our upcoming events), but, you know, it’s been alright.

Yup this is my week: watching Dave play games, reading Parasite, and book shopping.

Thursday I headed into London to spend time with my wonderful uni friend I don’t see enough and to buy some books for Super Thursday (which is the biggest day in the publishing industry because it’s when they publish the most books for the upcoming holidays). And while I was out I got a message from Dave saying he was going to the emergency room because he broke his nose while at work. Yup. I go out to have fun for one day and he has to go and hurt himself. Being the amazing girlfriend I am, I kept shopping and hanging out with my friend though instead of running to his rescue. It was only later that night I wondered if I should’ve asked him if he wanted me to meet him at the hospital. (Whoops!) He wasn’t bothered though. It wasn’t that serious and he kept me updated by taking pictures of his nose and complaining that it might never be straight again.

Can you find me in there? We were celebrating Malala’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

And the only other exciting day was Friday. I went back to Orion to help out the publicity department one last time (they just can’t seem to get rid of me!) which was nice because I can just go in and get stuff done and I get along with everyone pretty well. I also got to have both lunch and dinner with Stacey and Charlie, so really, I can’t complain. Those girls are lovely.

That’s about it! Exciting stuff, huh?

KelleyMimeOrderYayThis week has been ridiculously hellish. I mean, one thing after another. I don’t even want to go into the details because it’s all just crappy and boring and you don’t want to read about it anyway. Needless to say, I am extremely glad that it is over, and I really hope that this coming week treats me much better.

A couple of happy things amidst all the crap: 1) my friend found her cat that had gone missing 3-4 weeks ago — YAY!; 2) I received my first physical ARC straight from the publisher: The Mime Order. I am so thrilled that Bloomsbury likes our blog and sends us review books!

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