Weekly Recap | Sep 14-20, 2014

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In Case You Missed It

  • Kelley showed us what book pages look like through her synesthesia.
  • Asti reviewed Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner.
  • Kelley reviewed Color Song by Victoria Strauss.
  • Asti shared a new Bookish Find: Kelly Campbell Berry’s book sculptures.
  • Lina stopped by with her 8-fold path to literary enlightenment.
  • Leanne showed off another page in her Adventure Journal: CMYK.

Asti was also featured in The One on Mab is Mab this week!
And Miranda highlighted the Bookish Games as one of her favorite features from other bloggers!

Our Lives This Week

Are you ready for my exciting news? Are you? Are you? Are you?


I don’t love it, but I tend to be an overly critical perfectionist so I don’t expect any different. I’ve been honest with its many limitations, I’ve done all I feel I can do, so now it’s just a matter of heading back to uni this week to print, bind, and hand it in. Woohoo!

HoFotgraphy, Heir of Fire, Sarah J. Maas

Apart from that, the only thing I can think that has been any sort of excitement this week if the #HoFotography duel I had with Sana. I saw her drooling and sharing pictures of Heir of Fire on Twitter and Instagram so I challenged her to spend a day with me taking creative photos of the book, which we did. It’s over now, and I think she won, but I had fun so I forgive her.

I hope your week was amazing! 🙂

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]My week was definitely pretty awesome. I feel extremely productive because NOT ONLY did I catch up on everything at work (some things have been waiting in my inbox for MONTHS), but I got a LOT of blog stuff done. I wrote a crapload of reviews, prepped a ton of posts, and got my plans for Sci-Fi Month sorted out!

I also got to see Melissa Marr on Thursday night, which was awesome. She is always entertaining, and so full of great insights and stories about the industry! Saturday I also got to see Mari Mancusi, and then my sister and I went to see The Maze Runner with a friend. I’ll report back about it, um, later. ;D

(Also, for those keeping track of the Stray Cat Saga going on outside my apartment. Sarsparilla (that’s what I’ve taken to calling him) now waits for me every evening and sometimes in the mornings. I have been trying not to feed him every day, at my husband’s insistence. Then I got home Thursday night and saw he’d given him food AND water. Apparently that cat had brought his mother with him (who is pregnant AGAIN — she seems to live in a perpetual state of pregnant or nursing, poor thing). So, while all of my friends seem to be having their cats go missing, all of the strays in my neighborhood are congregating outside my window. Oh, life

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